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Tire Linc®

Our Tire Linc incorporates an internal valve stem transmitter on the tires of the tow vehicle and the RV, enabling a driver to monitor the tow vehicle and RV at the same time. The Tire Linc system is also perfect for use on motorhomes and buses of any size.

Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System

Did you know that in 2008, all automobiles manufactured with a GVWR under 10,000 pounds were required to have a TPMS? Shouldn't your RV have one, too?

Quick Facts

  • Monitors tire pressure
  • Monitors tire teperature
  • Tandem and triple applications
  • Improved RF frequency and battery life
  • Valve stem antennae were custom designed with RVs in mind
  • Power adaptor included

Issue & Solution

Typical TMPS have an inadequate battery life.

Tire Linc has a higher capacity battery that increases longevity. Its higher transmission speed reduces battery consumption.

Typical TMPS have a low RF transmission range.

Tire Linc's custom designed RF repeater increases RF robustness and decreases RF power requirements.

Typical TMPS antennae are difficult to reconfigure after tire rotations.

Tire Linc is configured to easily reassign tires which is easier for the manufacturer to install and for the consumer to reprogram.

Typical TMPS can't monitor the RV and the tow vehicle's tires.

We designed Tire Linc to monitor up to 10 tires. That means you can monitor your other vehicles as well!

LCI only sells this product to aftermarket dealers, distributors, or retail customers on a warranty replacement basis. If you own this product and need it replaced, please call our customer support hotline at 574-537-8900.