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In Wall Slide-Out

The In Wall Slide-Out system has revolutionized the industry. All mechanics and motors sit within the slide-out wall, so there are no bulky cables or motors to hide. Built of aircraft quality anodized aluminum, the In Wall Slide-Out is built to last.

Revolutionizing the RV Industry: 70 Brands and Counting!

The In Wall Slide-Out system provides many advantages over the competition. It's easier to install than cable and hydraulic systems, easier to troubleshoot, and intelligently designed to avoid motor amp-outs. Seventy brands and counting are using the In Wall Slide-Out system today!


The In-Wall Slide-Out is engineered from lightweight aluminum and has no cables or springs. The small but powerful motor is only a fraction of the size of other motors.

Better Engineered

Our patented “worm-rail” is engineered out of aircraft-quality aluminum. All mechanics are hidden in the wall cavity so no additional height is added to the slide room.

Easy to Install

Installing the In Wall Slide-Out system is a breeze. Since all mechanics are located on the slide wall itself, the system can be installed off the production line, increasing labor efficiencies.

Intelligently Designed

The In Wall Slide-Out's smart system continually monitors the motors for safe operation. Obstruction-sensing technology shuts the system off before any damage can be done.

In Wall Slide-Out vs. Cable Slides

Cable slide-out systems can cause a slide room to become misaligned as the cables can stretch over time. Adjusting a cable slide system can be time consuming for the manufacturer, dealer and owner. Bulky motor and pullys take up valuable room height and require slide room fascia.

The In Wall Slide-Out system's mechanical components are hidden within the wall cavity, giving the coach an instant makeover and adding room height. The In Wall Slide-Out system can be built off line, so once the rooms are ready to be installed, they simply slide in, saving serious labor dollars that would otherwise be spent installing and adjusting a cable system while the unit is on line.

Slide-in-Slide Option

The In-Wall Slide-Out's compact design also allows for slide rooms to be mounted within other slide rooms. All mechanics are located within the slide mechanism itself, making the Slide-In-Slide a possibility.. Interior living space is now maximized to the fullest with this great innovation.

  • Increased interior living space
  • Create never-before-seen floor plans
  • Use the second slide for an impressive entertainment center
  • Create an additional sleeping area in second slide

Quick Facts

  • Now the in-wall application can potentially replace all traditional steel through-frame applications
  • Allows for lighter weight coach
  • Eliminates the interior “step” caused by an above-floor application

LCI currently does not sell the In Wall Slide-Out at the aftermarket level. If you own this product and need it replaced, please contact customer support at 574-537-8900.