Slide-Out Sleeve

The Solera Slide-out Sleeve has been praised in customer feedback for its ease of use and superiority to other solutions such as awning toppers. Slide-out features on RVs provide an added measure of comfort and leisure, just the types of things one wants in a home away from home.


Radius Windows

Kinro, long the industry leader in RV windows, offers a quality product at an unmatched price. With over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space in our Indiana facilities, Kinro can handle any job that’s brought to the table. Quality manufacturing, customer service and warranty backed products make Kinro the clear choice. Click on to continue to Kinro’s website.


Entry Doors

In just 2 short years, Lippert Components has brought over 23 never before seen product innovations to the RV entry door. Check out our full line of towable RV, cargo and motorized entry doors along with the many great options and upgrades that make us second to none.


Baggage Doors

Traditonal RV access doors have turn latches that can bend or break, not to mention difficult to operate. The Slam Latch Access Door by Kinro gives owners a bus style latching system for their towable RV. Its easy to use latching system allows owners to sla,m it, and forget it! Bus style security also gives owners a piece of mind. Ask about our frameless option and "mini" slam latch doors.



The Solera Awning aims to be the very best awning in the market today with several features that can't be found anywhere else. Our Easy to use manual overide system takes the stress out of possible power failure. Simply take a hex drive and manually extend or retract the awning. We think that Solera is the best awning on the market today, and we think our customers will agree!

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